Black Week? This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shops give savings to customers for a full week

Posted on November 26, 2018

This Thanksgiving, holiday shoppers are enjoying more savings than ever before… and for more days than we can recall. Retailers are offering some of the best deals for an entire week, Black Week as we call it, in an effort to boost the final quarter sales figures this year.

According to Adobe Analytics, more customers are going to stores, even for items bought online. Sales on Thursday surpassed $3.65 billion (a 28% increase).  This could be partially due to the blending of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but also because many retailers chose to offer deals all Thanksgiving week.  With the recent economic improvements, shoppers spent more and the retailers seemed better prepared to handle the heavy demand.

With Cyber Monday upon us today, an additional $3 billion in sales of e-commerce is expected, as per Mastercard SpendingPulse’s data.

 Here are some details worth looking at according to CNET

Retailers selected deals for Cyber Monday

Black Week, as our office now calls it, refers to the week of Thanksgiving thru Cyber Monday… a seven day stretch which retailers, e-commerce sites, and shoppers typically see one of the largest sales numbers of the year. With the increase of mobile phones, internet shopping, same-day pickup, and an entire week of deals, shoppers are enjoying a smoother experience in this typically hectic shopping environment.

Amazingly, Black Friday has started to spread internationally in places such as Canada and India. With the help of shoppers, international companies are exposing these new markets to the shopping festival known as Black Friday in an effort to boost sales. Early indications show positive results so far.  China’s shopping bonanza is typically bit earlier during Singles’ Day, but the momentum of the growing Black Friday (or Black Week), could spread into China as well.